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This is exactly what you need to know about a Turkish hamam towel.

It's maybe the most versatile cloth ever.

While mostly for some of us it's a traditional piece of cloth for the baths or a simple indispensable beach towel, some says it's only a scarf or blanket, and some others know them as hamam towels and ask whether they can use them at the spa as well. The question is, "yes"! indeed.

Use it as you wish, in the bathroom if you want or at the beach, picnic etc. I can personally say that I think it's the most versatile thing I owned ever. That's the thing I adore in them.

Why Turkish cotton?

Turkish cotton has long fibers which allow the towel the utmost absorbency. The Turkish cotton is also known as the most qualified cotton in the world.
The weaving of this qualified local Turkish cotton, which grown in the south of Turkey, and using it as a towel with a fine workmanship has been a tradition in Anatolia for centuries and this tradition is still a source of living for many families.

 It is a fairtrade product, in which mostly women's hand labor is put into practice. It is the product of women's and men's equality, diversity and labor. 

" It is amazing that many families can continue to produce these towels in the mid-west region of Anatolia. It is certain that time passes slowly in their atelier where they still use the wooden looms inherited from their ancestors."


Turkish Towel


How  does a good Turkish hamam towel differ from the poor quality one?

One way is, to look over the prices. It varies but it still gives a good idea of ​​how good it was produced. Of course some towels are bigger than others and some towels are thinner when compared, and it affects the price. It should start from 20€ and the highest range changes in accordance with the size and thickness.
Turkish hamam towels are not fast fashion. They're fairtrade artisanal crafted textile products. Just go for the 100% Turkish cotton ones.

          Turkish Bath Towel

Bamboo is not natural at all. Note that we don't use bamboo and other synthetic mixtures to make a towel softer.
Cotton has a slightly hard texture that comes from its nature. However, it gets softer and even more absorbent with each wash. A method known as special stonewashing is applied to some towels to give a feeling of softness from the first use. This process is also a completely natural process and provides a wonderful silky texture.
You can check our hamam towels if you would want to dig more.
Stonewashed Turkish Bath Towels


As our needs change, it has found new areas of usages in many different ways today. These thin rectangular piece of fabrics, which we call the original name as “Peshtemal” in Turkey, have managed to taken a place in many houses with their elegance and versatility. An average Turkish hamam towel is 90 x 180 cm big and takes up much less space when folded compared to standard towels. So these thin towels came out of the baths and began to accompany us in many areas of daily life.

Nowadays we use it at the beach, pool, spa or sauna, while traveling, as a picnic blanket or a sports towel, maybe a yoga mat towel, a baby towel, sometimes a scarf, and even to add some authenticity and color to our interiors. 

Purchasing a Turkish hamam Towel also means to support a family.

Many families in some villages in Turkey still make their living by weaving these towels. As Hello Turco, we are making a fairtrade production with an artisanal family. We keep this value alive with every Turco towel you buy and we support it together to pass it on to future generations. Anatolia has always coexisted with the concepts of unity, fertility and solidarity. We are proud to be a part of it.


Natural Soap

Is it difficult to take care? 

No, not at all:)

  • Wash your Turkish hamam towel before first use. It needs to be washed to be absorbent. You can also soak your towel in cool water for a couple of hours or overnight.
  • We recommend that you wash with similar colors, without using harsh detergents.
  • You can use a low heat tumble dryer.
  • You can iron it if you want. Naturally, we do not prefer it because we like to use it as is, natural.
  • Of course we do not use bleach, which is one of the most chemical products in the world. We also do not recommend any other chemical softeners. All these chemicals will adhere the natural cotton fibers of the towels and cause the towels to lose their properties over time.

Washing and hanging Turkish hamam towels naturally will longer their lifespan.


Fun ways to use a Turkish hamam towel

  1. Beach towel
  2. Picnic and beach blanket
  3. Bath towel
  4. Sauna towel
  5. Spa towel
  6. Boat towel
  7. Pet towel
  8. Hair towel
  9. Hand towel
  10. Pet bed
  11. Scarf
  12. Carry on blanket
  13. Skirt or dress
  14. Yoga mat cover
  15. Table runner
  16. Car seat cover
  17. Camping towel
  18. Guest towel
  19. Door tapestry
  20. Tote bag
  21. Sofa throw
  22. Decorative interior throw
  23. Tea party table cloth and many more...


The best travel friend ever!

You can roll and wrap a turkish towel and it becomes approximately 25 cm in length and 10 cm in diameter. That means you can take them almost anywhere with you. The weight of an average towel is around 300 gr. It is the only towel in this size that can fit in a small handbag. :)

Apart from all that, it’s a never failing gift :)

Choose your colors, mix and match and start using.

Curious about them, here you go!

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